The human body is…

the human body is made up of distance
do not touch, it is alive!
the silence is accessible
slowly she bowed her neck
faster than light is the speed of the mind
I want to be like what I see
everything has a history, each thing, each word
art shows the history of things
things are dreamy, time is asleep in things
I am a human being and wear a watch
not everything occurs
you must understand the signs
words grow and die
a result of the law of the conservation of energy is that everything
we think cannot be lost
this is consoling and frightening at the same time
to speak about one’s mother is to be embarrassed
I have to love something in order to understand it
it is in front of you and at this moment it is given you entirely
I once raced into a big landscape, to the end of the
world. then I fell into a pit; my first nosebleed, I rushed
no hands and no feet
hands and feet
a table is a dog-kennel is a left leg is an angry man
where can I be reached
children race screaming through the street, I watch
I am one of them
this is all allowed, it’s not bad, it does not matter
I love the idea-like side of everything, my grandmother for instance
I like the idea more than her
I love my grandmother
within the earth is fire and around it is water on top of it some
sand and stones, I am standing on them
the sky has no floor
the house of our fathers has collapsed
I do not exclude the world but want to include it
my sculptures listen


Young art from the Netherlands, Form and expression, KUNSTMESSE BASEL (CH, 1982)