Being on earth

Being on earth means wandering around aimlessly. Where else
can you get lost so easily: in this plethora of
possibilities and impossibilities. The impossible in
particular won’t be underrated. On the contrary, it will be
cherished as something that deserves a special fondness and
permanent attention. The possible sweeps us along in a mad
intoxication. The impossible wakes us from the dream, it
shatters the illusion and is a safeguard against giving in
to fanatism. Yes, it restrains us from engaging in stupid
acts that will be regretted later. The impossible saves us
from too much dejection: the long chilly evenings near the
fire that peters out…..
The impossible forces us to ponder a reality, this bigger
dream, something that can not be denied, which is as certain
as a fact; indisputable. This must be the world. It is the
only thing that facts can attach themselves to!

When you live in reality you’re always somewhere.