Loneliness in the city

What to do:

When loneliness invades your wellbeing and one does not get amused by experimenting self-pity anymore and one actually is in a city, the best thing to do is to turn left immediately. There you will see three doors, do not enter them although there is music behind each of them and voices and they are painted in attracting colours but walk until you meet the man that looks like your father and who is crossing a busy street, say to him you’re lonely and when he looks back at you as if he has never seen you before, then go to the most nearby bench and take a nap but do not close your eyes because somebody will come sit next to you, dressed in a white trouser and red eyes, he will tell you he loves you, and you will have to kiss him and he will put his hand under your skirt and than you notice in a distance a car accident and you see a bleeding face, if the person is someone of your age start to sing a religious song, if it is a child, start to cry, look for his mother , if you happen to be his mother look for a cab that will bring you home, if you cannot find one start running until you do not know anymore where you are, find a quiet corner and ask yourself, am I lonely? If you still are, hide yourself behind a car and pee with great conviction as long as you can and than watch out; if the shape that you urine makes on the ground reveals two running pony-s, you will never be lonely in your whole life but if it reveals an old lady that waves at you with a broom in one hand while the other is missing, then you know it is time for you to realise you have to accept loneliness as a natural state of the mind…