Inside an empty house

There is no one that waits for you
But sleep, inside the empty house
Where windows are open for no reason
And doors are locked
The diningroom has no table
There is only the memory of food
You do not feel at home in the living
There is no place for the feet and the hands
The bedroom is dark but offers no relief
The mirror has no face and the floor no shadow
You do not recognize the sounds
The house is so empty that you do not know where you are.

The mind is so full of uncertainty and heavy with grief
When you hear a person cry, somewhere else another is laughing
Climbing the wooden stairs can take your breath away
Someone is whistling somewhere
Once, your eyes get hurt by the low evening sun
and a boy you¹ve never seen before smiles at you
Then he disappears into a shop
where a man gives him a book with stones
Later, he will marry the girl with no name, but your age
You see a dog that runs fast and suddenly disappears
and you do not know where it is and you run
and vanish
all of a sudden
someone falls flat on their face
and then you know where you are:
inside an empty house.

(text for exhibition at Wako Works of art, Tokyo 2002)